ATEQ delivers extensive training courses for maintenance as well as engineering personnel.

That’s because we have noticed that our customers always have a “leak testing guy”. Someone who “has known” for years how to program leak testers and who is always called when “something happens”.

This “someone” could have changed jobs several times since the first purchase of the leak tester, but still, he remains the:”leak testing guy”.
And of course, when he leaves, his knowledge goes with him.

Most people remain reluctant to “dive” into manuals. But well maintained and programmed leak testers can run for years without any glitches.

We, at ATEQ believe that we should be ready, all around the world to give affordable training courses as often as possible. On site or in our premises, our training sessions are designed to ensure attendees leave with the highest possible level of knowledge on how to get the most out of their units.

And again, in addition to our advanced technology, this has proved again and again to increase the gap between us and our competitors.

So give your ATEQ engineer a call to arrange for staff training.

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