Over the years, ATEQ has built an extensive range of functional test rigs for various industries ranging from appliances to automotive.

Requests all have one thing in common. Combining a maximum number of non destructive tests in one unit and if possible, doing so while testing the product’s functionality.

That is when our 49 years experience in testing parts on production lines comes in handy. We can test boilers, car fluid systems, Irons, Electronic devices… you name it. We are not afraid of anything, so don’t hesitate to ask about your needs.

To know more about what we could do for you, please contact your ATEQ representative.

ATEQ UK enginering


ATEQ only manufactures instruments and apart from the functional test rigs we mentioned above, we do not build machines.

This is actually one of the reasons we have been so successful over the years.

We have built a worldwide partnership with machine builders that we trust. We have trained these people to build machines around our instruments in the best possible way.

But there are 5 rules to respect to make this work and last. And here they are:

ATEQ concentrates on designing and manufacturing the best and most reliable testers in the world.

Expert machine builders concentrate on building the best quality machines.

Together, we listen to the customer project and deliver a single offer for a turnkey system.

We work closely together as a unit to build the fastest, most reliable and user friendly turnkey system possible.

We talk as ONE when it comes to servicing the system. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not reject the fault on each other leaving the customer in the dust.

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