With this technology becoming the world standard for all leak detection and leak testing, you want to ensure you purchase from a dependable source. ATEQ’s differential pressure decay leak testers are built to the highest standard. They are extremely fast, accurate, flexible, and reliable. With ATEQ, you have a few options. We carry digital and touch screen models. All our models are compact, user-friendly, and deliver a simple solution for all your differential pressure tester needs.
Some common industries these models are used in include electronic, medical, automotive, aeronautic and packaging.


At ATEQ, our standard pressure decay leak testers are sensitive enough to detect even the tiniest leak. All our models are simple to use and are highly effective. Whether you need a pressure decay tester for a vacuum environment, calibration, or detecting small leaks, our models will suit your needs. Typical applications include the automotive, medical, and packaging enterprises. Don’t waste any more time trying to find the right standard pressure decay leak tester. Put your trust in one the top-rated air and flow testing technology manufacturers.



If you need high-quality air flow testers, you’ve come to the right place. We carry equipment for mass flow and leak testing, laminar flow, and continuous flow. You have the option of choosing touch screen or standard digital. All our equipment is compact and includes high-performing, state-of-the-art technology. Begin testing your equipment with our premium-grade flow testing equipment. Explore our amazing selection of flow testing equipment.


Grab one of our top of the line continuous flow testers. All our models are high-quality, compact machines designed to detect leaks with accurate and quick readings. For flow control, our products are perfect for checking cookers, heat exchanges, and burners. They also can detect leaks in auto parts such as filter caps, motors, gear boxes, and much more.


At ATEQ, we carry both touch screen and digital mass flow leak testers models. Our products have a simple setup and are easy to operate.
Since flow testing is typically used for calibration and leak detection, it is important that you have a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly mass flow air product on hand. Common uses for our mass flow testers include discovering fluid and potential gas leaks, as well as occlusion testing. It is imperative that both objects you test with this type of instrument carry nearly identical reference volumes.


At ATEQ, we understand how essential it is to detect hydrogen leaks as swiftly as possible. For this reason, we carry our own high-quality gas tracer equipment. One of popular tools is the H 6000, which is a multipurpose, handheld hydrogen leak detector designed to identify a broad spectrum of hydrogen gas concentrations. You can use this instrument for multiple applications like automotive and HVAC.


Leak Measurement thanks to air ionization method. EVB5100 is a Battery Module Balancing Machine uses the most efficient technologies to equalize voltage differences between modules.


The  ATEQ  volume tester  is  designed  for  measurement  by  comparison  between  a  master volume and the volume to be tested.  Thus, the volume tester can measure a fill level between a known volume by doing a volume calibration.


The ATEQ calibrator checks the calibration of leak and flow ATEQ instruments as well as any other compatible leak and flow instrument.

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