SESAME – Multifunction Bench Supervision Software

Sesame is an industrial based software that links instruments and lets you manage them from one PC interface. This means that you can fixture your test part and run multiple tests on it


Simple installation with system configuration back up
Lets you configure the system, including the instruments, their parameters, the connections…

Database management for the following :

  • Instruments
  • Test parameters
  • Tests ranges depending on the parts to be tested
  • Access level management (user / administrator)
  • Open development plateform, so you can customise Sesame to your specific needs.

Sesame is the perfect companion for end of the line quality tests.

This means that you can fixture your test part and run multiple tests on it, such as :

  • Electrical tests
  • Leak tests
  • Flow tests
  • Pressure tests
  • Volume tests

And, with Sesame You can store as many different test programs as you need.

Handy when you have to manage extensive product ranges !

Once programmed, Sesame will let you run your test cycle as you programmed it and give a red or green light to the operator.

The tests results can then be saved or printed on labels that the operator can stick on the product itself.
But what will really impress you is the ease of use of Sesame.
Its interface is clear and easy to understand while remaining extremely powerful function wise.
ATEQ is the first customer of Sesame as we use it to build special test rigs for special orders.

Large corporations in industries ranging from appliances to the automotive use Sesame all year long to test Gas burners, Cars fluids reservoirs, Irons, …


Detailed information about the Sesame software including features, specifications, etc.