we have leak / flow tested just about
everything you could think of.


From boilers to engines and catheters, you name it. Below is a categorised list of the most common applications we encounter throughout the year.

Chances are, you will find that ATEQ has already leak / flow tested a similar part to yours. If you do not find your part in the list, just give us a call and we will be very happy to give it a try.

ATEQ has a variety of leak testing products that are currently in use by a variety of manufacturers in the following industries :


ATEQ provides a variety of tools for use in automotive leak testing and flow analysis.

We have many Tier 1 suppliers that utilize our testers to confirm that the parts supplied to their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) clients meet their specifications.


A leak beyond accepted tolerances means product failure.
When a leak exceeds the tolerance, it can mean environmental contamination, loss of sterility or component failure.
Having an industrial leak detection protocol is a key part of any quality assurance process.
ATEQ offers a variety of tools to integrate into production lines and QA testing facilities


ATEQ’s products are in frequent use for leak detection in medical devices.
End users require a high-degree of confidence in such products as they are often used to deliver or extract fluids to or from a specific part of the body.
If a leak existed, then fluids could be inadvertently sent to the incorrect location, or the wrong fluids could be removed.



ATEQ’s testing line includes a few options when it comes to package testing and identifying leaks.
Examples of such packaging types are: bottle caps, aerosol cans (and valves), trigger pumps, ink cartridges, cosmetic bottles, food sachets and other various types of packaging.


ATEQ has a variety of methods to leak test batteries throughout the production process.

Leak testing electrical vehicle battery cells, for example, begins with an ionic leak test of the battery cell pouch and ends with pressure leak testing the entire battery tray.

 electronic waterproof testing


At ATEQ, we can help your company attain the proper IP certification for your products.
Our electronic waterproof testing will identify if your product meets the IP testing standards, and we can suggest improvements you can make with proper gaskets, casings, and enclosures.
Installing rigid gaskets, for example, will provide more protection against dust, water, and other foreign objects.


At ATEQ, we are at the forefront of innovation in leak detection technology.
Our advanced hydrogen leak detection solutions offer fast, accurate detection of even the tiniest leaks.

Designed for a wide range of applications, from automotive to industrial, ATEQ’s hydrogen leak detectors offer complete leak detection solutions.

 electronic waterproof testing

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