A leak beyond accepted tolerances means product failure, thus industrial leak testing is required. Everything leaks, even if it’s gas molecules that permeate the metal or plastic in which they’re stored. The key aspect is how much leakage occurs relative to a standard or specification. When a leak exceeds the tolerance, it can mean environmental contamination, loss of sterility or component failure.
Having an industrial leak detection protocol is a key part of any quality assurance process. ATEQ offers a variety of tools to integrate into production lines and QA testing facilities. These highly sensitive machines help you establish the success of your production processes and build credibility in the marketplace.

When you have a need to integrate such testing in your production line, contact one of our sales engineers. They have the experience and in-depth knowledge to quickly understand the requirements needed in the testing environment. They will also be able to recommend solutions whether you want to test thousands of parts in production, or testing a part on a lab bench during the development of quality sampling. ATEQ’s team of engineers and designers have refined our products over time to minimize testing time. The leak testers integrate into production equipment for uninterrupted production flow. Additional fixtures specifically accommodate the product as it’s tested.

At ATEQ, we understand the importance of identifying problems quickly. Therefore, industrial leak testing is paramount during product design. We want to help your company reduce the amount of wasted manufactured product. Just as important, we want to help keep customer complaints that may result to a minimum. Identifying deficiencies during the production phase greatly reduces the potential for exposure. Having a strong quality control process in place will also help to mitigate exposure in litigation. Documenting a clear process of testing illustrates that a failure is the rare exception that it is, and not a standard you typically expect.


Large or small leaks can be quantified using pressure decay and mass flow testing, and flow testing can also identify obstructions in flow-through parts. With our team of leak testing specialist creating products, we can detect small (From 1 Pa/sec) but potentially serious leaks that can affect production. Advanced features such as data collection, networking, statistical analysis and synchronous testing provide a wealth of information. Plus, regularly perform range and repeatability studies at customer sites to confirm our equipment meets or exceeds customer requirements. Furthermore, our industrial leak testers run at today’s line speeds, even as production cycles decrease.

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Contact ATEQ for sales information, general questions, press release information and marketing inquiries.