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This Leak simulator simulates Gas and Liquid flow across an orifice given its geometry, as an approximation integrating laminar, turbulent and sonic regime contributions, as well as membrane tension blocking. Please get in contact with ATEQ worldwide support team, we are committed to accompany you with useful advices and the best leak testing solutions.


How does volume relate to a pressure in the leak testing industry ?
What values are typically considered low and high in the leak testing industry ?
How does a differential pressure sensor bend to show if the test or reference part is leaking ?
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These articles, written by our technical expert, are designed to assist people in their leak & flow testing procedure.
For mechanical engineers, quality engineers, management and those whose goal is to detect leaks, avoid unnecessary production cost and anticipate process adjustments for maximum yield…


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Here are some resources that can help you determine the best leak detection equipment for your specific application requirements. Choose from the following product files to download information about our leak testing products. These brochures include specifications and other information about ATEQ leak and flow instruments.