If you need high-quality air flow testers, you’ve come to the right place. We carry equipment for mass flow and leak testing, laminar flow, and continuous flow. You have the option of choosing touch screen or standard digital. All our equipment is compact and includes high-performing, state-of-the-art technology. Begin testing your equipment with our premium-grade flow testing equipment. Explore our amazing selection of flow testing equipment.


Grab one of our top of the line continuous flow testers. All our models are high-quality, compact machines designed to detect leaks with accurate and quick readings. For flow control, our products are perfect for checking cookers, heat exchanges, and burners. They also can detect leaks in auto parts such as filter caps, motors, gear boxes, and much more.


At ATEQ, we carry both touch screen and digital mass flow leak testers models. Our products have a simple setup and are easy to operate.
Since flow testing is typically used for calibration and leak detection, it is important that you have a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly mass flow air product on hand. Common uses for our mass flow testers include discovering fluid and potential gas leaks, as well as occlusion testing. It is imperative that both objects you test with this type of instrument carry nearly identical reference volumes.